9:00 p.m. | 2023-11-18

Look, I'm an old lady and as such, I believe I have a responsibility to share my so-called wisdom. It’s likely you’ll call it something else. And, you'll have a lot of opportunities to do that because I repeat myself. But you know what? Repetition is how we learn so I'm just helping you all learn stuff.

About me? In a nutshell, I had a rough childhood that left me on my own at 17 suffering from PTSD and figuring out stuff along the way. I lived in survival mode for many of my years. All along, I’ve worked hard to shed that abusive, dysfunctional skin.

Life gives everyone ups, downs, and all arounds. No one is exempt. We’re all human beings and we can’t escape that condition.

What we can do is make that condition the best it can be.

your thoughts?

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